The Arts and Ecumenism: What Theology Risks in Artistic Creation


Among the contexts of Christian experience open to the arts and music, today as in the past, monastic life has particular importance, its contemplative dimension predisposing the free creative act in which the Holy Spirit is present.

The final session of our symposium thus unfolds in an ecumenical monastery in the Benedictine tradition, the Community of Jesus, known for its commitment to sacred music and art. The session combines academic papers with examples of contemporary artistic production and musical performance, within the typically monastic framework of solemn liturgical celebration.

At the Community of Jesus’s monastery there is a second edition of the collaborative ecumenical exhibition inaugurated in the month of May in Florence, with works by Susan Kanaga, American and Protestant (a member of the Community of Jesus), and by Filippo Rossi, Italian and Roman Catholic


Monastery and Church of the Transfiguration
Community of Jesus
5 Bay View Drive
Orleans, Massachusetts 02653


October 27, 28, 29

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