Guiding Principles

In support of charitable and ethical dealings with one another and with those we serve, the membership of the Association of  Consultants for Liturgical Space embraces the following principles. As one body united by faith in God and grounded in the spirituality of our varied religious traditions, we pledge:

  • To represent our gifts and abilities honestly to potential clients
  • To honor the tradition of the church communities who engage our services, and to work within the framework of denominational teaching and pastoral authority
  • To fulfill the terms of our agreements
  • To work in a cooperative spirit with everyone on project teams
  • To discuss difficulties honestly with our clients; if it is necessary to terminate a contract, that we do so on the best of terms
  • To compete for a project with fellow members solely on the merits of our work; and to respect the competency, the contracts and agreements, and the fee structures of other members