ACLS member Scott Parsons recently received a 2022 Faith & Form Award for Religious Architecture & Art for Stations of the Cross. The 15 traditional Stations of the Cross, sized at 8 x 10 inches each, were hand-cut stained glass installed at Saint Michael’s Parish in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

The Stations of the Cross are conceived of as stopping-off points for the congregation to sojourn at prayerful markers, contemplating the Holy Week journey of Christ into Jerusalem through his suffering, death, and resurrection. Aesthetically, the designs complement three large mosaics embedded in the church floor in 2014. The swirling fields of color in each mosaic panel contain hundreds of pieces of mosaic glass. Interweaving fragments of gestural color and deep contrast signify the Paschal mystery of death and new life. Hung against the muted-red brick of the four interior sanctuary walls, the panels serve as small, jeweled cairns..

Project Team Members:
Scott Parsons, artist
Mosaika, fabricator
TSP Architects, architect
Rev. Thomas Hartman, clergy