Stations of the Cross – Contemporary Icons

Location: On exhibition at the Biedenharn Museum, Monroe, Louisiana, through December, 2020
Completed: 2020

14 large wooden panels depict Jesus's Journey to the Cross with contemporary figures rendered in muted browns. The gold paint of the background evokes the icon tradition, while the deep red of the outer panels calls to mind the rich colors of Medieval images. Old Testament texts at the bottom of each panel are passages traditionally considered to "prefigure" the Passion. The sole New Testament text, for the Crucifixion, is the Christ Hymn from Philippians 5:2-11.

Each panel is 65" high, 24" wide, and 2" deep. The figures are painted on an arched inset, recessed 1/4" into the outer frame of the panel.

The images highlight Jesus' strength in the face of suffering and the intimacy of his encounters with others on his Way to the Cross

Project Team:

Margaret Adams Parker


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