St. Michaels

Location: Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Completed: 2014

As part of the renovation of the sanctuary, three sacramental mosaics were created for St. Michael’s to enliven the liturgy and demarcate sacramental passages in the congregants’ lives. Upon entering St. Michael’s Parish, the baptismal font and mosaic floor remind all parishioners of the moment they became a member of the family of God. At the front of the parish, right below the altar is a mosaic image of St. Michael, the defender of the church. When a casket is placed on this spot at the end of one’s life, the wings of St. Michael become a metaphor for one’s journey and faith in the resurrection. The third mosaic placed at the base of the altar, display iconography associated with the eucharist. This sacred spot marks the place where couples stand in front of each other to recite their marriage vows. Scott Parsons, Artist
Mosaika, Fabricators
TSP Architects Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Project Team:

Scott Parsons, Artist
Mosaika, Fabricators
TSP Architects

Saint Michael mosaic

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