St. Bonaventure Altar Transformation

Location: Concord, California
Completed: work In progress 2021

Our project for St. Bonaventure is focused on the transformation of the altar area and the baptistery. A new reredos was designed by CJK Sacred Space. The artifact is hand carved in wood and stained to coordinate with the existing wood icon figures and the wood walls. The materials selected for the central wall area behind the reredos are designed to create a focal point for the Tabernacle and the crucifix. A new icon of St. Bonaventure is being carved to match the existing Virgin Mary for the side wall of the altar. A new adult / infant baptistery and credence table have been designed as well. Careful attention was paid to the nature of the existing Church Architecture which is modern and simple in detail. CJK Studio orchestrated the design, crafting, coordination and installation of the transformation. . Updates for the lighting both natural via the skylights and led fixtures are planned to enhance the new furnishings and icons.

Project Team:

CJK Studio, Christ Kamages, FAIA, principal

St. Bonaventure Altar Transformation

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