Kamages, FAIA
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MARCH, Architecture

Services Provided

Our skills and experience serve Communities of Faith throughout North America. We offer a full range of Strategic Planning and Design services from Alpha to Omega including: Needs Assessment; Goal and Requirement Definition; Feasibility Studies; Vision/Concept Development; Community Planning; Building Design; Interior Design; Artifact and Furniture Design; Image and Visual Ethos Development; Graphic and Communications Design/Presentations. Faith Community Environments and Sacred Space typologies include: Temples/Places of Worship; Administrative Units; Educational; Cultural; Recreational; Wellness; Preschool; Eldercare; Facilities and Cemeteries and Mausoleums.

Philosophy / Approach

Providing responsive and inspirational solutions that transform the Goals, Needs, Requirements and Dreams of the Community into Reality is the ultimate focus of our efforts. We offer designs and solutions rooted in the foundations of Christianity and work together with our clients to realize inspirational and pragmatic solutions. We believe that, together with our clients, we are on a sacred task dedicated to the Glory of God. Our Process is a Team Effort that relies upon Reciprocal Education and is an open, transparent & approach, driven by Triad Three Track effort that is interwoven with the elements of Design, Planning and Construction, Finance/Fund Raising/Stewardship and Communications, all key to the success of a project.

Our President Christ J. Kamages, FAIA, together with our team of design professionals, shares a common vision of providing high quality, knowledgeable expertise on every project throughout its duration. With the proven record of over one hundred (100) successfully completed projects, the firm stands ready to provide premier services, which are reflective of our clients’ visions and aspirations and address the varying needs and desires of our congregations. Mr. Kamages is a nationally published and sought after speaker, with a focus on Concept, Vision and Master Planning with Faith Communities. For over 35 years, Mr. Kamages has been in practice as an architect, planner, designer, and research analyst with emphasis on client participation, project conception and vision creation through implementation, making our clients’ dreams reality.

Service Offerings
  • Liturgical Design Consultancy
  • Architecture
  • Art & Craft
  • Education
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