Association of Consultants for Liturgical Space BOARD MEETING CALL
June 21, 2021 – 3:00 PM EDT


In Attendance: Jim Hundt, Martin DeSapio, Will Brocious, Karen Schmidt, Shelley Kolman Smith (by phone), Paul Barribeau, Greg Lewis, Gale Francione.
Absent: Johan van Parys

  1. APPROVE MINUTES FROM LAST MEETING – With two minor corrections from Martin and Gale, the minutes were approved. (Greg/Karen)
    1. TREASURER’S REPORT – Martin De Sapio
      1. Financial Reports submitted, no questions.
      2. Tax filings have been accomplished. ACLS owes no taxes.
    2. MEMBERSHIP REPORT – Karen Schmidt – nothing to report. Discussion regarding the issue of quality standards for members and potential applicants.
    3. WEBINAR COMMITTEE REPORT – Paul Barribeau

    All webinars save one have been uploaded to YouTube. About 4-5 still need

permission to be made public. Paul will wait till the next webinar committee to finalize Martin Marklin’s webinar notification.

The Committee is scheduling for next year. Approximately two-thirds of the year is already scheduled.

The Committee is meeting again next week to divide responsibilities and tasks. Paul will send out the final plan to the Board. It will be good to divide up the tasks and to provide for different voices on the committee. It is smart to plan for more than one person skilled at running the webinars. In the fall, the people and their responsibilities will be in place.

Five members will present to our ACLS “Member Showcase” this evening. There are 20 attendees registered so far. Jim suggested a slight modification in the follow-up survey to seek further interest in this format.


After this webinar, the plan is to cancel the “GoToMeeting” account and pick up Zoom. Paul will be sure all of our data is off “GoTo” before we close.

Thanks to Paul and all the committee.

The Board commended Will on an excellent report detailing the work of the committee.

Focus this year: improvements on the website, increasing non-member mailing list.

Jim Heck is working on seeking more names to invite to be members and to subscribe to the newsletter.

Currently there is no place on the website where someone can subscribe to the Newsletter. Need to find some obvious way to subscribe from the home page.

A recent new member had difficulty with the application process. Will suggested we need an automated follow-up process for new members.

The Committee has begun discussion of developing an editorial board.

WILL will talk to Cliff about getting “subscribe” on the home page, YouTube channel, on the Newsletter, Facebook, etc. and a way to automatically follow-up with any applicants. Options to make it easy to subscribe and to apply for membership..

WILL will talk to Juanita about our Facebook and Instagram accounts and what expertise is needed to manage them.

JIM suggested we send out a sample newsletter to potential new members and let them “subscribe” from the newsletter (once that functionality has been incorporated into the newsletters).

a. Approval of ACLS Policies & Procedures – the Board went over the details

of some changes needed.

WILL will speak with Cliff:
*Membership – address the timeline/procedure from a new application through acceptance and welcome
*Change app information to include recent files of recommendation. (2.1.3)

KAREN will work with Jim to extend Mark Navarro’s membership three months. JIM will complete the editing process for voting next month.


  1. Oberammergau trip/update website – Will has no updates. Survey of interest hasn’t yet sent out.
  2. Suggestions for retreat theme/location – Follow up with Greg & Karen Tabled.
  3. ACLS Conference -Tabled.

e. Tutorials
1. Uploading images to portfolio

(PDF) or live session – tabled

  1. Make changes to my directory page
  2. How to make the dashboard disappear
  3. Creating a post
  4. How to login

a. Elections for next term (3 vacancies)

Each officer has a three-year term. Shelley concludes her term this year. Karen and Greg will be ending their terms early. We need to elect two people and appoint one person to serve out the year.

JIM will send a letter re: the election.
WILL will send out the election 30 days later.

Respectfully submitted, Gale Francione

Association of Consultants for Liturgical Space NEXT BOARD MEETING CALL

Monday, July 19, 2021 3:00 EDT