Association of Consultants for Liturgical Spaces Meeting ACLS BOARD CALL

December 14, 2020 3:00 p.m. EST


In Attendance: James Hundt, Shelley Kolman Smith, Karen Schmidt, Paul Barribeau, Greg Lewis, Will Brocious, Gale Francione, Not present: Robert Habiger, Johan van Parys

  1. APPROVE MINUTES FROM LAST MEETING – with several corrections by Jim, the minutes were approved (Shelley/Greg). Shelley was thanked for her past work.
    a. TREASURER’S REPORT – Robert Habiger emailed the report to the Board. One

    new membership covered the monthly expenses, which keeps the balance essentially the same. Robert will try to get started on a budget.

TO DO: ROBERT will begin to develop a budget for 2021.
b. MEMBERSHIP REPORT – Karen reported 19 renewals, with no new members. It

was noted that it is easier to renew membership if the member is logged in first. TO DO: JIM will ask Cliff to send out an email to remind members of this fact.

c. WEBINAR COMMITTEE REPORT – The webinar committee is in the process of obtaining waivers/releases from presenters for this year and last year. Once approximately twelve releases are in hand, the webinars will be made public on the web and the Board will monitor how many people watch them.

Cliff Rhode (the ACLS go-to-website developer) suggests it is not practical to put the public webinars on the ACLS website, but easier to use the ACLS YouTube channel, then mutually link the webinars and the website. (This could also be done with Vimeo, especially if the Board decides to charge for views in the future.)

Paul has created a video introduction for all the webinars, introducing ACLS and the website, and inviting viewers to visit the website. We may also

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want to add something inviting viewers to subscribe to the ACLS YouTube channel.

Karen suggested looking into a “google sponsored” site when the initial webinars are made public, as that may put the listing for a search “closer to the top.” Jim suggested Cliff is the one to advise the Communications Committee on these issues.

TO DO: PAUL will make the proper arrangements for getting waivers/releases, and making the webinars public on You Tube. PAUL will also send Will the 2021 webinar schedule and links for the Newsletter.

TO DO: JIM will ask Cliff to put a link to the ACLS YouTube channel on the website once they are made public. JIM will also send contact information for Cliff to Will.

d. COMMUNICATIONS COMMITTEE REPORT – Will will put the quarterly Newsletter together for the Winter of 2020-2021, to be published in early 2021. He has received Greg’s article.

TO DO: WILL will publish the quarterly Newsletter.
TO DO: JIM will write a president’s letter for the Newsletter, mentioning the videos soon to be

made public.

a. ACLS Booth at SWLC – Katie Bovitz offered to work on the ACLS booth.

According to Ken Greisemer, ACLS will receive a complimentary booth, but we do not have access to the booth “setup” unless we are registered. Karen offered contact information to help: Joanna Haston, 575-680-6673,[email protected]. Perhaps she can help us figure out how to register

without having to pay.
TO DO: JIM will cc Willi information about how to access our complimentary booth.

TO DO: WILL will coordinate with Katie once we have access to the booth.

  1. New treasurer – no new treasurer yet. Jim keeps asking people but most of the

    artists tell him that they are bad at math so they decline.

  2. Corporate bank accounts/access – no news –waiting for new treasurer
  3. Link from/to Faith on View website – Jim contacted Faith on View which immediately linked their website to ours. We also have a link to their website on our website
  4. Zoom vs. GoToWebinar – Still needs to be looked at ny the new treasurer.

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  1. Non-profit application to IRS – Jim sent the paperwork with and is awaiting confirmation that it has been received.
  2. Audit committee – Jim will be putting a committee together soon.

a. Membership renewal process – A letter to for renewal reminders has been sent

out. If renewal is not received December 31, a second reminder letter will be sent with a second opportunity to renew. If no response by the end of January, the member will be removed from the roster. (Note: Their information is still on the server, but is inaccessible and the member must renew to reactivate their account and their presence on the website.)


Monday, January 18, 2021 (Martin Luther King Day) 3:00-4:30 p.m. EST

One day before the next webinar, January 19 at 1:00 p.m. EST
Three days before the ACLS bi-monthly meeting, January 21 at 8:00 p.m. EST

Respectfully submitted, Gale Francione

(Let’s celebrate ACLS Week!)