Association of Consultants for Liturgical Spaces


in attendance: James Hundt, Karen Schmidt, Greg Lewis,

Robert Habiger, Paul Barribeau, Johan Van Parys, Gale

Francione, JAmes Heck, Shelley Kolman Smith

Sept. 17, 2020


1. APPROVE MINUTES FROM LAST MEETING – Jim – In state of Tx we are Not for

Profit, but the 501c6 has not gone through yet federally. – Motion to approve – Karen –

2nd – Gale. Minutes approved.


a. TREASURER’S REPORT – Robert Habiger –

No revenue, ending balance, $14,211.88 – quickbooks and chase collaborate that. Budget

comparison – $6175 anticipated, $6515 actual. See report. We are on track to “beat the budget”

by about $1000. PayPal charged 4.64% for last member who joined through paypal. Which is

higher than before.

b. MEMBERSHIP REPORT – Karen Schmidt –

New member – Application from Julie Moran, who lives in Australia. Great references, one more

reference to come in. Then she will be presented for a vote. Website issue has been resolved.


In addition to regular webinar lineup, Pecha kucha type event – there is a list of 6 new members

if they agree to do so in June. This would be a special event. Webinars – only about 50% of the

members open the emails. The webinars may need to be made public in the future, as the number

of member viewers is low for the amount of effort to put those on. Paul- it may be necessary to

post a 2nd recorded webinar to be shown at a different time. Hundt – the time isn’t the problem

as noted by most members. Making the youtube public could bring in members. Speakers aren’t

paid and will need to sign a release. Paul and Hundt will work on details for this.


– Insurance & incorporation status

– Revisions to corporate documents

Will is the chair of this committee now,

Heck – Accountant has all the info to do the application with the IRS. There is more info that will

need to be sent. Power of Attorney still needs to be worked out. Time frame – 5 1/2 – 6 months

before we hear back from IRS. The corporation is complete, though. Incorporation papers need

to be posted on Google Drive. Robert will check which docs he needs. Bank resolution etc.

Shelley will check and post.

Insurance – Company in San Antonio works with c6 and will be sending an application to Heck

with a quote. May need a physical address in Texas to write the insurance. Perhaps the

accountant’s address? Shelley’s address could be a good alternative.

The new bylaws changes will need to be ratified through the membership. Hundt – this will stay

on our to-do list.


a. ACLS Booth at conferences

someday there will be an in person conference

b. Grant programs – Greg Lewis

No report. 501c6 designation will help to get grants.

c. 2021 SWLC (virtual)

We have 6 programs for SWLC, all will be prerecorded. Alberto Portello will do this and will

translate for Hundt’s presentation. The recordings will be available for 4-6 months. The Exhibitor

uploads are quite intuitive and easy to do.

d. Central storage of ACLS documents

We will keep things on the Google Drive to store documents


a. Appointment of new Treasurer

Hundt asked Alberto and he is interested in being treasurer. Hundt motioned that Alberto take

over by the end of the year. Shelley 2nd. unanimous approval. Robert will help with the

transition. Robert will also talk to the bank about transferring the bank account. Hundt – we need

to divide the money between an operating account and a savings account. The same person

shouldn’t have access to both accounts. Hundt will send Robert a proposal.

b. Transition process for new Treasurer

c. Corporate bank accounts/access

Next Meeting – October Tuesday 20th 3pm ET , noon PT