Association of Consultants for Liturgical Spaces

Meeting Minutes

In Attendance: James Hundt, James Heck, Will Brocious, Karen Schmidt, Greg Lewis, Shelley Kolman

Smith, Paul Barribeau

1. APPROVE MINUTES FROM LAST MEETING – Jim – One correction – Add Robert as

in Attendance- Page 2, List of calls was divided, will correct on this meeting. Approved –

Robert, 2nd Heck unanimous


a. TREASURER’S REPORT – Robert Habiger

Ending Balance for March – $20,288.68, Expenses GTM 104.07,

website development. $2,540.75. Bank Fee $9.95, Income $774.67

membership renewals Checks Paid- $2540.75 See Management report


Log me in – charging $89/month + yearly discount – That bill will

save a couple hundred dollars, budget will be revised soon.

b. MEMBERSHIP REPORT – Karen Schmidt

– Report from board members about follow up with non-renewing


– Carol Frenning – Emeritus status

Karen presented a list of unpaid renewals

Not renewing

Mark Baczak


Jeff smith

Freshnock – unk


Canning Liturgical Arts – will probably renew

Cavilini – Will probably renew

Lit consultants

David Richeau – Canning

Groeneke – Conrad Schmidt

FR Fleck


Dale Molinar – may not renew

Wienschreider – unk

Robert will send out reminders to all these people again. As of May 1, they will be removed from

the website automatically. PayPal will send renewals based on their joining date. They will get a

reminder the month before, then the bill, then one month later before they are deactivated.

Hundt will review with web developer to see if our disconnect date is 60 days after due date?

Robert – send latest membership list, Hundt sends to web dev. who will reset their expiration

dates to May 1, 2020.

Hundt will clarify with Cliff to change expiration dates and then policy and procedures will be

changed. How much notice will members have before they are cancelled.?

Karen – no new inquiries,

Carol – Hundt – founding members are automatically emeritus – Hundt made her an

Emeritus on the website so she won’t get a bill. (FYI, You get Emeritus status if you die on the

board. )


We have confirmed all the webinars for 2020 and we have 2 confirmed presenters for

2021. We are working on developing the list of topics and candidates for 2021. We also

discussed potential candidates to replace Jordan Wanner who had to leave our committee.

We meet again in May on the 18th.

Formats for webinars have changed, but are working all that out.

Karen – new member Parker – could be an option for a webinar speaker. Paul would

like a current membership list to look for potential committee members.

Hundt – posting? Featured image is automatically featured in the post – this may be

best if not automatic.

Hundt – Marilyn asked if anyone from the board would like to be on the committee


Link – to post – but would rather have newsletter in email – 55% have opened newsletter

Next time could we include teaser photos? Mail poet – add new –

d. COMMUNICATIONS REPORT – Jim Heck – Insurance & incorporation status

– Thank Shelley for instagram – will send out an email to membership to

make sure they are all good with posting on IG Also check with Juanita

about facebook

– Jim – Insurance – event insurance – has gotten a name to contact –

officers and directors insurance – is still looking for sources. Google

voice ph number is ready to add to website so we can apply for nonprofit

status. Talked with an attorney – is recommending to be a LLC, 501c6 –

talks about LLC as possibility. $500 from Attorney and filing fees. Still

need accounting advice. Chuck returned the check from last month. But

will re-approach Chuck with a bottle of scotch. Thank you Jim for doing

all these calls!


a. Oberammergau Trip – Update on refunds/communications with attendees/

administrative fees – Will

– Summary of cancellation costs – wire transfer fees, exchange rate – could

be a shortfall of $190 per person for 15 people ($2850) Hundt suggests

discuss offsetting those costs and consider this. Will – exchange rate is a

big part of this and before refunds are made, could change again.

b. Website update – Jim

– Onboarding of new members

– Need to add contact info (address/phone)

• ACLS now has a phone number: 518-387-9480

Emailed members about new site – will add contact information on site –

Has asked Cliff to send analytic reports

Will noticed a seam that shows up when scrolling – Hundt will talk

to Cliff about this.

c. ACLS Booth at conferences

– Materials – need to have more brochures printed. Status?

Promo material – Greg – drop shadows on headers, Fedex printing –

500 brochures, one sheet flyers with bindery and posters $2581.


Hundt – trifold brochure – Will changed some background issues and is working on other

things. 2. posters, designed to be art pieces. Robert – there is only $1000 in the budget for this.

Five different graphic pieces – a one sheet, we don’t need that because its the same information

as the trifold. all agreed don’t print the one sheet. 500 trifolds, 250 each of the posters. 11×17” is

that a good size of postcard be better? Or use the graphic for display at conferences Not to print

right now, but do print 500 trifolds Greg – proposal, Will to send ideas for 5.5 x 8.5 full bleed and

can be two sided. Greg could be reimbursed or we can pay by check directly.

d. Status of Retreat (Greg Davis & Jim Heck) – Sept. 10-13, 2020

– Marilyn suggested Brother Mickey McGrath as presenter

– “retreat pending” – Heck, Greg Davis no information – will send him

another email. Paid $400 deposit to retreat center in Boerne- due to

uncertainty, people don’t commit. Valparaiso returned deposit. Hundt –

could we encourage regional meetings – lets plan to try to do something –

perhaps virtual, regional, Paul – Virtual cocktail hours, could do a zoom

with breakout rooms. June? July? something to keep us all connected.

Hundt – lets start doing things differently, ops for members to get

together. Zoom does random breakout rooms. Suggests we work on this

for the next meeting? Don’t push Greg for the retreat…Unanimous to

cancel the retreat. Robert will contact Sr. Bernadine.

– SWLC is going virtual – will ACLS support? We have recorded webinars

that could work –

– Election time per bylaws – Greg moves to delay the elections since we

haven’t finished incorporation etc – next meeting – think of a

nominating committee

e. Grant programs – Greg Lewis – not this meeting


a. Elections for board positions expiring?

May 21, 2020 next meeting