Association of Consultants for Liturgical Space Meeting ACLS BOARD

February 15, 2021 3:00 p.m. EST


In Attendance: James Hundt, Karen Schmidt, Paul Barribeau, GregLewis, Will Brocious, Robert Habiger, Johan van Parys, Shelley Kolman Smith, Gale Francione

  1. APPROVE MINUTES FROM LAST MEETING – with corrections by Jim, the minutes were approved.


  • Financial Reports
    January, 2021 Report – Revenue was $2419.81 (from member dues) and expenses were $103.51. The beginning monthly balance was $12,820.16, and the balance as of 1-29-21 was $15,136.46.
  • Audit
    2021 Audit Report – The Annual Audit was conducted on February 11, 2021 by Johannes Albl, Jim Hundt and Robert Habiger. No discrepancies were found. The report will be uploaded to the ACLS Google Drive.
  • 2021 Budget
    Comparison of 2020 and 2021 Budget – Last year’s budget had many unique situations (necessary website development, non-profit status, Oberammergau cancellation, and the pandemic) which caused the Board to dip into reserves to balance the budget. These expenses represent a one-time event. The dip into reserves was expected and did not exceed what was expected.Proposed 2021 Budget –
    -This year the accountant fees and LogMeIn fees may decrease (if replaced by Zoom), membership income may also be down. With a carryover of $1103 from reserves, the budget is set as balanced.

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-The advertising budget is $3000. Its distribution to be proposed by the Communication Committee.
-The Board will decide if a General Business Liability Insurance is needed.
-Jim proposed a question, “If we have fewer expenses, should we put the money back into reserves or use it for other purposes?

-Greg offered to speak with William and Cliff about Google ads.
-Robert reminded us that print ads in conference Program booklets has occurred in the past to keep the ACLS name visible and support our members. The Communication Committee should decide which conferences to support going forward.
-The 2021 Budget was carried unanimously (Greg/Shelley).

b. MEMBERSHIP REPORT – Follow up with non-renewing members


  • Chris DiLoreto – Jim
  • Pamela Hawkins – Shelley
  • Martin Marklin – Shelley
  • Gilbert Sunghera, SJ – Gale
  • Vladimir Grygorenkov – Shelley
  • Scott Parsons – Karen
  • Paul Mattek – Paul

• Annie Dixon – Gale
• Jenna Bruns – Johan
• Michael Hutchinson – Gale • George Hoelzeman – Gale • Norberto Gutierrez – Johan • Mark Eric Gulsrud – Greg

KAREN will ask Mike Navarro to complete his application via email.

EACH BOARD MEMBER will follow up with the person(s) assigned: o “How are you doing?”

o “Are you interested in renewing with ACLS?”
o “If so, they need to renew before February 28 (or the website removes them)” o “If not, inquire why not?”

EACH BOARD MEMBER will contact Karen before February 28 with their findings. Karen will notify Jim and Will, who will remove the non-members from the website (though they will still be accessible by the administrator.)



Status of releases and videos for the public
Paul Barribeau designated members of the Committee to obtain releases from the presenters. Four have been received, and three more are ready but their videos need to be prepared. Paul predicts they will be published to YouTube within a month or two. All future webinars will contain the permissions and releases for us to publish them.


Transition to Zoom

Paul is waiting for Mae (sp?) to offer resources and tips regarding using Zoom for webinars. Paul will do a test run with the Webinar Committee, and if this is feasible, then the Board will cancel “GoToMeeting” (a month-to-month contract) and move over to Zoom.

Paul also reported that all the webinars for the 2020-2021 season are lined up.

A couple of questions came up: Can we publish the Southwest Liturgical Conference’s workshops that our members pre-recorded? Can we publish those they recorded live?

WHO is going to find out the answers to these questions?
o Paul was recognized by Jim and all the Board for the work he has done.


  • SWLC Exhibitor Booth Feedback
    Eight people subscribed to the Newsletter from SWLC.
    Will reported that Katie Bovitz was very helpful in setting up the virtual booth. She has been invited to be on the Communications Committee, which she declined, but she may be willing to do a specific task.
  • Recommendation to board for advertising – did not discuss
  • Suggestion by Carol
    The Board discussed a suggestion from Carol Frenning regarding creating 4 short videos for our website: one for ACLS, on for consultants, one for architects and one for artists. With much discussion, it will be placed in “New Business” for next month.
  • Will reports that the next ACLS Newsletter will be out soon. He will ask Gilbert if he is willing to put some of his SWLC workshop information in the next Newsletter. Will is looking for ideas for upcoming Newsletters.WILL and JIM will meet to be sure the Newsletter subscriber list is correct. They will also work with Cliff to assess feedback from our website.



The Board also considered sending an abbreviated Newsletter email in “off” months to announce the link to our YouTube videos.


  1. New treasurer – no progress
  2. Corporate bank accounts/access – no progress

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c. Non-profit application to IRS – Jim is tracking it with the attorney, progressing slowly.

d. Oberammergau trip – Will sent an inquiry to those interested last year. About half expressed possible interest in returning.

WILL will explore some dates, contact Johannes about possibilities. He will report back next month.

e. Website Questions – Jim
– Additional email/revisions to emails

  • If you like, we can add another email 7 days before the expiration date that says: “This is a reminder that your membership will expire in 7 days unless we receive payment before then….”
  • We may also want to change the wording of the letters to more accurately reflect what is actually happening to their membership.
  • Last email contains link to “exit survey”
    Hold on this discussion until we hear from those who haven’t renewed.

– Auto-renew • Default

• Option?
Since Board members had more negative experiences than positive, the Board will not use this option.

4. New Business

  1. Retreat – Perhaps a virtual retreat. Will ask the Thursday membership meeting.
  2. An ACLS virtual conference? – Next month’s agenda.

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Respectfully submitted, Gale Francione


Monday, March 15, 2021 3:00-4:30 p.m. EST