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Must include, at minimum, name, email address, & phone of each. 3 references are required for Liturgical Consultant and Allied Members, 2 are required for Associate Members and none is required for Affiliate members. If renewing, or if applying for Affiliate membership, please indicate same and forego listing references.

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By checking the button below, you agree to abide by the ACLS Guiding Principles and to the Terms and Conditions for membership as stated in Article II – Membership, Constitution of the Association of Consultants for Liturgical Space.

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The Liturgical Consultant and Allied membership entitles the member to attend ACLS events, receive mailings from ACLS and be included on the membership lists on the ACLS website. The member’s name will be included in the “Member’s Directory” section of the website and will be linked to an online directory page that will list the member’s Email address with hotlink as well as the member’s website address with hotlink.

Perfect for:

Individual working professionals who provide a liturgical education process including education on the importance, role and value of worship, the impact of the church building on worship, and with multidisciplinary expertise in some or all of the following areas of service:

  • Planning and design for the liturgical environment
  • Collaborative work with the architect and related professionals
  • Coordination of planning, design and fabrication of appropriate liturgical art, furnishings, and appointments

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