Trinity Mobile

Southbury, CT

Completed: 2014


The Director of Religious Education at Sacred Heart Church, Ami Conlan, incorporates the building of a community work of art into the GIFT program each year. In the year of 2014/15, the theme was the Apostle's Creed. Ami commissioned me to develop a project on the concept of Trinity that would allow the participants to participate in the work. I decided to make three mobiles, one for each person of the Trinity. Each would have one wider pieced panel of fabrics from around the world, complimented by narrower and-painted streamers of habotai silk. The participants would focus on one person of the Trinity in each session and come up with a word that expressed their feeling about that person. Each participant could then write his or her word on the silk with a gold metallic paint pen. When completed, the mobiles were installed in the atrium in early 2015.

Project Team:

Pamela T Hardiman and the families in the GIFT Program at Sacred Heart Church