Timothy Fleck


Timothy Fleck
26 High Street
Bar Harbor, Maine 04609

Service Provided:
1. Education and consulting about the design process 2. Facilitation of discernment about needs and hopes 3. Architectural programming 4. Furnishings programming 5. Liturgical programming.

I believe that the calling of the consultant is to help the congregation to find its own best self, by asking probing questions, facilitating difficult conversations, and offering back the congregation's own hopes and dreams in a language that they can understand and share with the world.

In my first vocation, I practiced church architecture for almost twenty years, designing dozens of worship spaces for communities across the faith spectrum. I retired from architectural practice in order to study for the Episcopal priesthood, and was ordained in 2009. Since then I have been serving as a parish priest, but also offering pre-design consulting and educational services for congregations in the early stages of discernment.

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