Wedding Paraments

Location: Fargo, ND
Completed: 2016

This set of wedding paraments was commissioned by the First Presbyterian Church, using a donation from a member of the church who had been recently married there. A special set of paraments for weddings was an unusual request, but most appropriate and timely. To me, the use of such a set of paraments emphasizes the essential importance of marriage to the church and the world, and signals implicit participation of the the community, whether present or not. In addition, these particular paraments emphasize the reality that the bride and groom make their vows in Christ. The wedding banner depicted here was made the the wedding of the artist’s son, but would complement the paraments. Pamela T Hardiman Fargo, ND

Project Team:

Pamela T Hardiman

church altar with paraments

Additional Project Images (if any) below: