Chrism Mass Banners

Location: Diocese of Youngstown
Completed: 2016

These two banners were commissioned by churches in the Diocese of Youngstown for the Chrism mass. In this diocese, parishes were asked to create a banner with the name and town of their church. The major background color was assigned, based on the deanery.
I was approached at a recent conference by the Fr Pat Ferraro of St Joan of Arc Church in Streetsboro, OH with a request to design a banner for their church, featuring their St Joan statue, with rust as the main color and incorporating blue. They could provide me with a photo of the statue. I always enjoy the process of working with a client to develop an interesting solution to such a design problem. I found that if I used the right printer and prepared silk fabric, I could use to print Joan as wide as 8 1/2″ and as long as needed. I could paint more habotai silk a rust color with a light area for the statue. If I split it in three, I could put the name of the church and the town on either side of the statue. In blue! Since Joan had blue shadows, it worked out well.
The second banner was made for Blessed Sacrament in Warren, OH. Their color was purple, and they also wanted some red so they could use the banner for confirmation. I made some additional skinny banners to amp up the red for confirmation. Pamela T Hardiman Diocese of Youngstown

Project Team:

Pamela T Hardiman

banner in procession

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