Bene Bronze, LLC

7418 Pimenton Dr. NE
Services Provided:

I am a liturgical bronze sculptor; I sculpt for churches, individuals and sacred spaces.

Service Offerings:
  • Art & Craft
Philosophy / Approach:

I am blessed beyond measure to have had loving and supportive parents who introduced me to Christ as a small child. Over the years my life-long love of clay, my love of Christ and stories from the Gospel have become intertwined…it is my hope and prayer that through my sculpture I am able to bring my love of Christ and the Gospel to life for others. It is extremely important to me that my sculpture be loving, touchable and interactive, for both children and adults alike. Doing so truly makes the sculpture come “alive” for the viewer, and helps to welcome both individuals and communities into the sacred space.


I feel as though my MA in Art Therapy has given me special insights when working with art as a therapeutic tool with those who are hurt emotionally. I have can see the face of Christ in the mentally ill and marginalized, and I have seen the miracle of art and sculpture help to create many positive outcomes for those individuals. In addition, I am a public art sculptor and have been blessed with having my work placed in various areas throughout the United States. I have enjoyed immeasurably the many interactions I have had with architects, landscape and interior designers, committees, and communities (especially the children!) in planning sculptural and sacred spaces.


MA- Art Therapy