Marilyn Ann

Morgan, RSM

Marilyn Morgan, RSM

360 Hamilton #2
San Francisco
Services Provided:

Assist in the formation of design steering committee Provide process planning retreat for the committee Provide formation process for the design steering committee and parish advisors Assist in the selection of architect and other consultants Collaborate with Parish advisors during programming and design phases Facilitate ongoing parish communication Collaborate with architect and design steering committee throughout process Assist in the selection of artists and crafspeople Provide rituals for leave-taking during building process/prepare blessings and rituals for new or renovated spaces Facilitate the use of the new or renovated space for the celebration of the various rites and sacraments

Service Offerings:
  • Liturgical Design Consultancy
Philosophy / Approach:

The worship space should reflect the people who use it. My goal is to provide a process whereby the parish is able to participate in the journey of looking at their values and beliefs. Through the process, the committee, with the input of the parish community, can come to consensus on how to embody the spirit and faith of the community into a viable worship space where the liturgy can be done in the way the parish would like to celebrate it. Devotional spaces and support spaces flow from the central event of the worshiping community.


Within the ministry of liturgical consultation I bring my skills of teaching, my gifts of creativity and humor, organizational skills, and a deep love for liturgy. With my knowledge of the Church documents and the history of liturgy, my many years of experience as a liturgist and musician, I can offer insights into the needs required by ritual. I am aware of the challenges brought on by the possibilities of change. With this in mind, I want to participate in a process that honors people’s stories and their connections to their worship space, while offering them the opportunity to grow in their faith as a community. Complettion of program at the Institute for Liturgical Consultants, Catholic Theological Union, Chigago, IL Apprenticeship with Christine Reinhard, Liturgical Design Consultant MA Theology, area: Liturgy, University of Notre Dame, IL. BA Russell College, Burlingame, CA-Humanities