134 S. Skyline Dr.
Services Provided:

Site specific artwork, including paintings on various substrates, collages and mixed media.
Commissioned liturgical pieces both permanent and impermanent. Large format painted hangings/banners for church use, event spaces, or as an installation.

Service Offerings:
  • Liturgical Design Consultancy
  • Art & Craft
Other Services:

I have been approached sometimes for my ideation…for a space, an event, for change. This will include listening to people's thoughts and ideas, and desires, and design thinking sessions.
I have designed collaborative art projects for faith communities for use in their prayer spaces, or as an impermanent /seasonal exhibit.

Philosophy / Approach:

My basic philosophy is about beauty, and how beauty opens us up to an encounter with God. Before diving into a project, I research whatever subject I'm painting…and I find that I am inspired by language : scripture, story, poetry and Eucharistic Prayers. I am also on the lookout for ways to be hospitable with our spaces, and creating invitation with beautiful work.


Full time painting since 2000: including commercial,and residential murals, community art, art exhibits; most recent in 2022, Saint Peter Art Center, Saint Peter, MN, and early summer 2023 in St.Mary Basilica, Mpls, MN
Accepting liturgical commissions for Faith communities, Parishes and other sacred spaces since 2011.


Sioux Falls University, Augustana College, Sioux Falls, SD.
Liturgical Consultancy Certification Program, St Johns University