Karen Schmidt

13995 SW Mistletoe Dr
Services Provided:

I design and create bronze or clay sculptures of any size, 3-D or bas-relief, realistic to abstract, and specialize in figures. My work is expressive and communicates on many levels without compromising excellence in composition, form, and structure. Each piece is deeply spiritual and moving without becoming sentimental.

Service Offerings:
  • Art & Craft
Philosophy / Approach:

Where a person's gifting and their passion intersect, they will find their calling. I believe God has gifted me with the talent and classical training to sculpt, and I am passionate about my faith. So I feel called by God to create beautiful art that is transcendent, speaks on many levels and brings glory to God. This is spiritual work and requires study and prayer. My desire is to sculpt a work of art that connects deeply with the intentions and desires of the client and is aesthetically pleasing in the environment of its setting. I enjoy working through a liturgical design consultant and also directly with a church.


Trained and mentored by Russian artist Simon Kogan in the classical approach of structure and analysis of the human figure, 1996-2001, 2004. BA in art from California State University, Fullerton, 1973-1976. AA in art from Fullerton College. 1971-1973. Extensive travel throughout the world, especially in Europe, focusing on study in cathedrals, churches, museums and other art sites.


AA, BA in Art, Teaching credential