Pamela Hardiman


Pamela T Hardiman
Pamela Hardiman
20 Garden St.
Farmington, CT 06032
860 676 9158

Service Provided:
Vibrant handcrafted banners, processional banners, mobiles, panels, paraments, and vestments made using hand-painted silks and fabrics from around the world. You can coordinate pieces with your existing fiber collection or design a complete environment. My work is made to order in the size and color range requested. Order specific pieces from my various lines, or request a site visit, where we can audition samples to determine what works best. I also teach workshops in silk painting and in banner making, which make it possible for communities to create their own piece of silk art, especially appropriate for seasonal celebration.

In my work, I seek to support the liturgical environment and the seasons of the liturgical year through the experience of vibrant color. Much of my work is nonrepresentational, relying more on pattern and shape for effect. All my banners and hangings are designed for movement - both the large movements of procession and the smaller movements of air currents while stationary. In my pieced fabric work, I use fabrics and designs from many cultures to create images of universal church. Likewise, my silk painted banners and panels use many variations of hue. It is my goal to incorporate as many voices as possible in what I do.

I have a Phd in Cognitive Psychology and an MS in Statistics and Mathematics from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, both of which have aided me in the development of the teaching and writing aspects of my chosen field. I have also taken many courses from professional fiber artists on color and composition. For 16 years, I was co-owner of the Double T Quilt Shop and traveled widely with the shop to quilt shows and conferences. I have also worked as a Religious Education Coordinator, and read widely in liturgy and spirituality. My first work for a church space was in 1988. Since 2004, I have focused exclusively on work for liturgical spaces. With Josephine Niemann, SSND, I am co-author of the LTP book, "Raise the Banners High"

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