Anthony J. Bellomo


AJ Bellomo Studios
Anthony J. Bellomo
310 Euclid
Mt. Clemens, MI 48043
586 954 4800

Service Provided:
I assist in creating spaces for celebration, meditation and fellowship of a faith community by meeting, praying and listening to their physical and spiritual needs. I provide the liturgical input of that community to the architect to ensure the final goal is met; a house for Gods people· Liturgical furniture, wood, marble, multi-media design/fabrication, including baptismal fonts Design/fabrication of images for devotion and unification into the liturgical space Outdoor meditation gardens/design/fabrication, with appropriate devotional symbols and images as they relate to the Table of the Eucharist.

Our purpose is to glorify God by designing and creating liturgical art, sacred objects and religious symbols with and for God's people. We work in a variety of styles, techniques and media for multi-cultural faith based communities that will be a visual guide in recognizing and proclaiming their spiritual identity and relationship with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We will incorporate important objects from the past, developing them into a new reality as we grow in faith. We offer a reflection process on a parish/group history and spirituality so that the art reflects who a community is rather than mere decoration or isolated pieces.

12 years of catholic education with I.H.M., Bernardine, Franciscan and Marist religious. -Bachelor of Science in Art Education, Wayne State University -Graduate studies in Fine Arts at Northern Illinois University and Wayne State University - Art faculty

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