Grace Lutheran Church

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Completed: 1998


The church embraces traditional architectural forms with a contemporary Southwestern flair. Sandstone, installed in a Anazasi layered pattern and as slabs for wall panels, coupled with stucco and concrete roof tile is accentuated by an angled concrete plinth foundation. Extended views to the Sandia mountains are made prominent through careful site placement of church. Cascading natural daylight enters from windows high in the chancel and nave bathing the space in a warm glow during the day and at night conveying a welcoming invitation to people passing by on the street. Sacred geometry was followed to order both plan and section, imparting a sense of completeness and permanence. Materials of granite, slate, iron and wood were selected to reinforce a historic memory of church.

Project Team:

Design Architect: Robert Habiger
Architect of Record: RD Habiger & Associates Inc
Liturgical Design Consultant: Rev. Golter
Liturgical Furniture Designers: Ken Griesemer and Robert Habiger
Exterior Christ Sculpture: Byron Wickstrom
Interior Trinity Sculpture: Byron Wickstrom
Interior Mosaic: Peter Ladochy
Photographer: Charles McGrath and Robert Habiger