The Clare at the Water Tower

Chicago, Illinois

Completed: 2008


This stained glass design speaks of St. Clare’s life journey and St. Francis’ role in that journey. Located in the 54-story 'Clare At The Water Tower' retirement skyscrapper, this chapel offers privacy & meditation, along with commanding views of downtown Chicago.

As the design moves to the right, energetic lines speak of Francis entering Clare's life. He revealed the path God intended for her to follow. With a new found sense of direction, she had so many things to do, so many goals to accomplish. It must have been a wonderfully busy and exciting time for Clare. Their shared journey leads the eye to circular forms presented against golden flames, symbolic of the dinner they shared in the forest (an event so powerfully spiritual that nearby villagers perceived the forest to be on fire). The fellowship of two people passionately devoted to God, created a moment of completeness, a sense of “coming home”, thus the circular motif.

Located on the 19th floor, the chapel is easily seen by neighboring buildings. Inside, the chairs can be arranged for religious services, or used for public gatherings.

Project Team:

Franciscan Sisters of Chicago