Church of the Resurrection

Solon, OH

Completed: 2004


The parish had outgrown its original multi-purpose space, and no longer used it for more than worship. Following the initial formation of a steering committee, the parish council with the committee studied whether to renovate the current space and build needed space for other purposes, or to build a new church and renovate the existing space for other purposes. They chose the latter, and the new Worship Space was dedicated in September 2004.

The building is Octagonal in shape, playing off the symbolism of the eighth day. The seating plan is antiphonal, which reflect the community's desire to have a strong processional axis and yet gather around word and table. Likewise chapel spaces (for Eucharistic Reservation and Reconciliation) are intended to provide more intimate spaces for prayer and sacrament.

The artwork, especially glass, mosaic, and sculpture celebrate the energy and power of the resurrection

Project Team:

The Parish Community
Robert J.Kropac - Liturgical Consultant
Bill Beard - Design Architect in collaboration with
Rob Green and DLZ Architects
Helen MacLain - Baptismal Font, "Stations of the Resurrection" and Windows
Martin Ratermann - Altar, Ambo, Candles, Processional Cross and Eucharistic Chapel door
MJ Anderson - Sculpture "Women Witnesses of the Resurrection
Contractor - R.P. Carbone Construction