Temple Kol Emeth

Location: Marietta, Georgia
Completed: 2001-2016

In the sanctuary, the east facing Ark is oriented toward an intersection of busy streets. The windows flanking the worshiper's view are located below street level and had been a distraction. The need for privacy presented a wonderful opportunity to add meaningful imagery in stained glass.
A selection committee was formed to ensure that the community would be comfortable with my religious sensitivity, depth of knowledge and artistry to undertake the scope of the project. Discussions ensued with the senior Rabbi who had designed the interior of this space.
Thematic content included twenty-eight windows; a cantorial side of nine panels presenting the Genesis account of creation as “The Song of G_d” and a rabbinic side of nine panels reflecting “Relationships” to G_d, to Torah and to Israel. Ten mosaic panels high above and behind the Ark recall those who have gathered before.

Project Team:

Rabbi Steven Lebow
Artist Dale R. Molnar