Church of Corpus Christi

Location: Ushers, NY
Completed: 2004

After assisting this parish with an expansion of their worship space in 1984, Mr. Hundt was hired again fifteen years later to develop a new Master Plan to help this growing parish address their need for additional worship and education space. The Master Plan includes construction of a new 1,000-seat Worship Space, a new Gathering Space and Daily Chapel, the conversion of the existing church into classrooms and offices, and renovations to the existing Parish Center to make it handicapped accessible and more useful for the youth of the Parish. Phase I included the new Worship Space and the expansion of the parking lot, as well as new classrooms in the old Worship Space. The new Worship Space uses a unique seating arrangement called antiphonal or choral seating, where parishioners face each other and the altar and ambo are placed on separate platforms in the midst of the people. The new building uses a combination of direct and indirect natural and electric light to create a light-filled, glare-free Worship Space. Our firm also designed a height-adjustable ambo and the altar for this project. The altar was awarded a Visual Arts Honorable Mention Award by Ministry & Liturgy magazine in 2005 and the project was subsequently featured in the same magazine in 2008.

Project Team:

Architect: James Hundt, Foresight Architects
Acoustical Consultant: Miller, Beam & Paganelli, Inc.
Liturgical Furnishings: Tortorelli Creations

church exterior at twilight