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Iconography: Crucifixes, Panel icons, Exterior and interior Murals and Frescoes in Byzantine, Roman, and Early Christian styles, using Ancient technique. Traditional Mosaic art using Venetian Smalti and marble. Altar Tables and Road Signs with mosaic decoration.

Philosophy / Approach

Ancient iconographic Tradition is among many things Eastern and Western Churches share in common. Prayerful attention to these common roots can greatly benefit Evangelization efforts and spiritual life of all Christians in our times.
The icon is the revelation of the Kingdom of Heaven in our material world, and it reveals the ultimate truth about God and man.
To portray the Truth about a subject – is the goal of all real art.
There is a connection and a difference between painting and iconography: a good painter seeks the truth about the created world; an iconographer shows the truth about the Creator.
Iconography is the art of arts, and an icon is more a work of art than of craftsmanship. At the same time, we cannot reduce an icon to the level of artifact only. An icon is much more, that is why an icon cannot live its whole life in a museum or in an art gallery.
Only in prayer can an icon fulfill its purpose, which is why an iconographer must be personally involved in church life.

I have over 30 years of experience in Fine Arts, more that 25 of them working as an Iconographer for Eastern Orthodox Church. I have created hundreds of icons for Churches and personal devotion in Eastern and Western Church tradition. Multiple churches were completely decorated with religious murals and Altar pieces.
Besides receiving MS in Mechanical Engineering, have studied art of Iconography under Archimandrite Zenon (Teodor) in Pskov, Russia and Mosaic art under Liciana Notturni in Ravenna, Italy.

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