Dixon Studio

323 N Central Avenue
Services Provided

Design of church interiors and individual works of art in stained glass, wood, metal, stone. Fabrication of ecclesiastical artwork. Consultation with pastors, committees, architects, and artisans during planning process for building or renovating.

Philosophy / Approach

A liturgical artist uses his talent to manifest the message of the church. The content of his creations will be dictated by Scripture; the style will be influenced by the needs and tastes of the parish. The works of the liturgical artist must speak to parishioners from a wide range of backgrounds, ages, emotional states, and stages of spiritual development and artistic sophistication. Successful works will transcend these superficial differences and speak directly to the soul, rendering it more receptive to the universal truths of the church.

National Diploma of Design, Professional Level, from Ulster University. Award of Excellence from the Stained Glass Association of America. Design Award from the Interfaith Forum for Religion, Art, and Architecture. Bene Awards from Ministry & Liturgy magazine

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