Rex Kare Studio

882 Clear Water Dr.

MFA New York Academy of Art, 1996, B.A. Painting University of Dallas, 1994

Services Provided

Stained glass consultation, design and painting, in partnership with Foster Stained Glass, Bryan, TX Sculpture consultation, design, and fabrication Painting consultation, design, and fabrication

Philosophy / Approach

Up to now, I have worked solely as a commissioned artist. That said, my works are inherently collaborative, in that the patron is an essential influence upon the final work of art. Throughout the process, the input from the patron, the site design, and the purpose of and history of the space the artwork will inhabit are all considerations that I always keep in mind when creating artworks. I find this to be the most gratifying and fulfilling way to create art, because I know the work I make has a purpose, and many times, belongs to a community, whose input has helped shape it, and given it significance.

With 19 years working with private and public patrons both secular and religious, as well as collaborating with architects, a stained glass company, and other fabrication resources, I am able to address many of the concerns and wishes a patron may have. I have a strong background in traditional painting mediums including egg tempera, oil painting and fresco, as well as sculpting in clay (including being able to guide the patron though the process of bronze fabrication). I always concern myself with the conservation quality of my works and choose materials accordingly. My educational background, particularly in graduate school, emphasizes strong understanding of materials, representational skills and intensive figurative studies in 2d and 3d mediums. I have completed a multitude of varying subjects in stained glass, painting, and sculpture.

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