The Hutchinson Group

4614 Dillon Place
United States

Bachelor of Architecture, University of Tennessee; Institute for Liturgical Consultants, Catholic Theological Union

Services Provided

Architect Selection -Guide the community in locating and identifying potential architects. Take a leadership role in determining the criteria for evaluating, interviewing and selecting an architect.
Catechesis- Impart the community with an understanding of religious architectural history, liturgical history, liturgical space, furnishings, art and their relationship to the liturgy of the Church today.
Community Goal Identification-Identify, in collaboration with the community, the parish goals for the project. Parish goals then become a guiding statement for use by all those involved in the project. Collaboration with other Professionals-Assist the architect and other project professionals as required to ensure that liturgical elements have been incorporated into the design solution. Ensure that all sacraments and rites celebrated in the community are given equal consideration during the design process.
Procurement of Original Furnishings and Ritual Objects -Work with the community in locating and obtaining furnishings and ritual objects for the celebration of the liturgy that are appropriate for the worship space. These items may include, but are not limited to, baptismal font, ambo, cross, tabernacle, processional cross, vessels, ambry, devotional images and Stations of the Cross. Likewise, providing assistance the community in developing a budget for these items is included.
Artist Location – Collaborate with the community in locating artists and craftspeople to provide the devotional art appropriate for your space ensuring that it meets the requirements of the liturgy and the guiding statement developed by the community.
Ritual Ceremonies-Aid the community in planning “leave‑taking” rituals for the departure from the existing worship space, the Rite of Dedication for the completion of the renewed space, and other rituals to ease the transition to the new worship space.
Care Taking Review-The Hutchinson Group will return to the worship space at prescribed times during the first year of use. We will closely observe the use of the space and provide a written review suggesting ways how the new space can more effectively used.

Philosophy / Approach

Uniquely ours, The Hutchinson Group favors a “collaborative process”. We rely on steps carefully designed to move the community to articulate its own “faith story”. This “faith story” then becomes our guiding statement and set of instructions the architect, builder and artists are to respect and follow in understanding how the new space is to be used to celebrate the liturgy. By focusing on our unique “faith story” process, we are proud of our record in having helped many communities build a better understanding of themselves ( as a unique community of faith) in a universal church as they move to create a sacred space for communal prayer and worship.These stories and traditions will be used to create new or renewed worship space and also devotional art and ritual objects that accommodate the current rituals of the renewed liturgy that are full of beauty, memory, imagination, and social justice.

Michael Hutchinson founder and director of The Hutchinson Group, is a liturgical design consultant. He is a member of the Association of Consultants of Liturgical Space (ACLS) and past board member and treasurer he also completed the Catholic Theological Union’s Institute for Liturgical Consultants. His apprenticeship for the Institute was completed with John Buscemi, a pioneering liturgical consultant, on the design of the new worship space for St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Richmond, Virginia. Michael mastered the understandings of the sacraments, liturgy, and how to shape a house for the church. Such life experiences deepened his understanding that this is not only a building project but also an opportunity to build up the faith community for generations. As an active member of his local parish, Mr. Hutchinson is convinced of the importance of including all concerned members of the community in the decision-making process.From his inner passion and devotion came the self-directed path this is now THE HUTCHINSON GROUP. The company’s guiding principle is to assist communities on their journey to renewed worship spaces.A graduate of the University Of Tennessee School Of Architecture, Mr. Hutchinson has held positions in the fields of architecture and construction project management. Each position only adds credibility to his expertise in understanding the requirements each ministry has on its worship space.

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