Mark Eric Gulsrud Architectural Art Glass, LLC

Mark Eric
3309 Tahoma Place West
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United States


Services Provided

I provide a personal hands-on approach throughout the process of producing an artistic statement. The design phase includes initial presentations, education, planning sessions with committees, budget development, and initial drawings. A final painting maquet of the approved design concept, including glass samples, will be produced and presented to the committee / congregation. I am personally involved in all phases of design, fabrication, and installation of my artwork. Materials are guaranteed for a period of one year from the date of completion while structural elements are guaranteed for 10 years.

Philosophy / Approach

A self-employed artist / designer for 38 years, I bring a strong multi-media background to my commissions, which are primarily stained glass. Integrated harmoniously with the architectural statement and the natural environment, stained glass has the potential to ease stress, induce a sense of calm, and enrich lives . My goal is to reflect and communicate the central values of a community of faith. Whether the resulting artistic statement is expressed in the abstract or in recognizable symbols and forms, my highest goal is to help create spiritual spaces conducive to prayer, healing, and personal growth.

I have earned my Master of Fine Arts in glass and ceramics and was a teaching assistant in glassblowing and The Pilchuck School for two years.. I initially worked as an artist-in-residence and designer at “De Porceleyne Fles” procelain factory in The Netherlands. My responsibility was primarily in the fabrication of monumental ceramic architectural murals and sculpture some of which incorporated glass elements. After several years of maintaining a multi-media studio in Los Angeles, I worked with Roger Darricarrere in Chartre, France teaching and assisting in the design and fabrication of stained and cast glass commissions. I have maintained my current studio in Tacoma, Washington since 1980 and have worked with over 350 churches. Commissions include stained glass, cast glass, dalle de verre, carved wood liturgical furnishings, mixed media sculpture, and running baptismal fonts.

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