Michell Timperman Ritz Architects

319 Bank Street
New Albany

Ball State University, Bachelor of Architecture

Services Provided

Full Service Architectural Firm

Philosophy / Approach

We believe in a blank slate approach of working with a client allowing the project to evolve on its own from the beginning without the hindrance of preconceived notions. We believe a studio method where multiple designs area brought forth for discussion, modified, scrapped, recreated to advance the design of the project in the creative and cost effective directions.

Michell Timperman Ritz Architects is a full service architectural firm with a wide breath of religious facility and liturgical architectural experience. We have over 40 years experience working with the churches, school corporations, and people of Southern Indiana / Kentuckiana. We have multiple projects that have received Building in America Design Excellence Awards. We have decades od experience completing over 100 Strategic Facility Plans with Program information, budgetary estimates, and schematic options.

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