Cottonpatch Designs

4028 Cargill Drive
Round Rock

BSBA Accounting Univ. of Colorado

Services Provided

I work directly with clergy and committee members to design and create custom liturgical vestments, paraments, and banners. I also offer a program and hands-on workshop called “A Visual Interpretation of Sacred Space”. The program defines Sacred Space, the role of the artist within that space and a visual journey through the liturgical year. The hands-on workshop is a simple fusible applique project, reflecting the liturgical year.

Philosophy / Approach

My artwork is intended to enhance the beauty of the worship space (being created specifically for that space) and to provide a visual message for the worship experience.  Broadly stated, the design elements and colors offer a visual interpretation of God’s love for all of us, although every individual connects with my art in their own way; through their own faith experiences.

20 years as a Liturgical Artist. I have work around the world and throughout the United States. I attend and set up booths/displays at several conferences every year, across multiple denominations. For the last couple of years, I have been asked to speak to several organizations, (including the National Altar Guild, and several church groups) about the importance of Liturgical Art in worship.

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