Keyes Architects

3005 Taylor Blvd

Bachelor of Architecture from University of Kentucky, Pursuing a masters degree in Sacred arts form Pontifex University

Services Provided

Master Planning, Architectural Design, Architectural Rendering, Oil Painting

Philosophy / Approach

My desire and attempt is to both create buildings and paintings that accurately convey the truths of who God is and who we are in our relationship with him.

I am an Architect Licensed in the state of Kentucky. Since College my primary Architectural interest has been in Liturgical Design. I have worked on several Catholic Church projects and I have given presentations on the sacred significance of Design decisions. I am pursuing a masters degree in Sacred Arts from Pontifex University to further my knowledge and understanding of the theological ties to design. I am also a realist oil painter and I have numerous paintings of religious nature in both private and Catholic Church collections.

Service Offerings
  • Liturgical Design Consultancy
  • Architecture
  • Art & Craft
  • Education
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