Thornridge Studio

1626 Gulf Coast Drive
Christine Reinhard
Services Provided:

Prearchitect study with committee and parish on understanding liturgy and the church both historically and in this place and time to which we are called to be faithful. – Facilitator of a process for consensus building within the committee

Service Offerings:
  • Liturgical Design Consultancy
Other Services:

Dedication planning and practice

Philosophy / Approach:

I believe a Church should not design its worship space without a thorough study of the liturgy that is to be experienced in it. Only then will they understand the changes, exciting as well as traumatic, of the last 40 years. As we continue to learn how to express this renewal in design and personalize it to each community, we understand how the worship space must tell the people who worship there who they are. The result is a rainbow rich with possibilities for the Church as they decide how to wrap themselves in this new spiritual life as well as their history.


University of Iowa, 1960-65 – University of Michigan School of Art and Architecture 1984-86 – Presenter ILC program at CTU – Mentor for ILC students – Twenty-five years experience that includes new construction of entire campuses, ethnic communities