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Resplendent light-transmitting glass has for centuries been treasured among mankind’s most prized possessions. Artistic expression in glass brings pleasure, joy and excitement to the viewer. Meltdown Glass creates architectural kiln-cast glass that adds interest and distinction to any environment. Who wouldn’t want a unique, functional or decorative glass art object for their home or business? Each piece of art glass is made on a one-off mold and is an original work of art for the discerning customer. Artistic use of colors and deeply cast patterns are Meltdown’s specialties, giving the warmest and richest handcrafted feeling to its environment. Meltdown Glass is an art studio as well as a large-scale manufacturer. A love of art glass is Meltdown’s reason for being. Client education about the uses, properties and limitations of kiln-cast glass is provided by Meltdown in the process of working with clients. Meltdown Glass staff hope their enthusiasm for the medium kindles an appreciation among those they work with for the beauty of handmade kiln-cast art glass. Using art glass to create a unique corporate or personal identity to enhance spaces is, above all, a fun, exciting process.

Philosophy / Approach

BJ Katz has mastered a technique of glass casting, draping and painting, creating with translucent light, color and texture. Triumphant in overcoming the inherent fragility of glass, she explores the literal and interpretive relationship of the figure to the painted surface. Katz communicates her ideas by utilizing surfaces as a conceptual membrane, exploring physically and metaphorically by drawing attention to the glass surface as a protective border between interior and exterior worlds.

Katz’s body of completed artwork is considerable. She has completed over 150 art commissions, many of which are viewable on her website. She has extensive experience creating public and private commissioned artwork in public places. Many of Katz’s commissions integrate art glass into architecture, a niche in which Katz and her studio excel.

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