The new graduate certificate program in Liturgical Art and Architecture at St. John’s University, directed by former ACLS President and long-time member Carol Frenning, will commence on June 14 of 2021. After a postponement of one year because of the pandemic, the opportunity is now secure to offer this much needed effort to bring together the disciplines of liturgy, art and architecture to support those who create and use our worship spaces.

Promoting the design for beautiful places of worship, this program is grounded in the traditions of the church. It is rite-based and faithful to the Second Vatican Council and more recent documents such as Built of Living Stones and the Rite of Dedication of Churches. In order to serve the liturgical churches, the program has an ecumenical focus. It is informed by architectural and pastoral experience with the building and renovating process from start to finish, inclusive of churches with limited resources. It is sensitive to accessibility, diversity, and multicultural issues. In all aspects it is supportive of the highest standards in workmanship and artistry. This program is for those seeking more in-depth understanding of liturgical art and architecture and its practical application in the design of places of worship.

Liturgists, artists and architects can all benefit from participation in this program. Whether expanding, adding new art works, remodeling in light of Covid 19, or building a new church, this program provides an invaluable background for thoughtful, faithful decision making.

For further information please visit St. John’s website or email Carol Frenning,  Program Director, Liturgical Art and Architecture Certification Program,  St. John’s University

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