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Ashlyn Dupuis & Katie Broussard Falgout: Intro to Social Media: Best Practices 01.19.2016

What: In this webinar, Ashlyn Dupuis & Katie Broussard Falgout of Right Angle will discuss how and why social media is important to the growth of your business. The Intro to Social Media: Best Practices will teach you successful ways of engaging with your audience, best practices to showcase your product or services in an authentic manner, gain customer feedback, and build a strong brand presence across all digital platforms.


Ashlyn Dupuis, digital media manager and event planner at Right Angle, provides experience in social media, public relations, and event planning. Through strategic planning, she has created digital campaigns that have drawn tens of thousands of followers. She has worked with a diverse client list including, but not limited to, musicians, artists, retail business owners, professional service providers and nonprofit organizations. She specializes in grassroots planning, implementing marketing strategy in unconventional ways, which allows her to provide insight and knowledge from a multitude of angles.

Katie Broussard Falgout, A brand manager for Right Angle, Katie Broussard Falgout also serves as its public relations director. She focuses on the public perception of clients’ to develop annual plans for organic brand development. From her background in varied industries, she is able to put into perspective different viewpoints of each particular client’s industry. Her focus is on strategic solutions — and the practical steps that are needed to develop branding with clarity and consistency. She’s also an experienced website content strategist and trainer, leading people through complex processes with a friendly, efficient and easygoing approach.strategist and trainer, leading people through complex processes with a friendly, efficient and easygoing approach.

When: 1:00 pm EDT, January 19, 2016



Jason Foster: Illumination of the Church 02.16.2016

Jason Foster




What: Illumination of the Church

When it comes to utilizing newer technologies in the modern church, it seems that there is a constant struggle between what is needed to move forward and what is felt or perceived as needing to be preserved. Whether a change in lighting technology is needed to meet the safety requirements of a space, is desired to create a connection to a younger congregation, or simply to allow people to revel in and enjoy the beauty inherent in the architecture and art of churches around the world, churches have been forced to make some changes.

This presentation will center around the need for, as well as the techniques for using technology for lighting religious spaces, architecture, devotional artwork, and sculptures. It will look at various ways that modern technology can be implemented to both highlight and accentuate the physical forms of liturgical spaces and architecture as well as help to increase the emotional and spiritual connection of the service. It will give examples of how this can be done in a tasteful, and respectful manner through discussing the physical and controllable properties of light that can be implemented to capture depth and bring emotional connection to architecture.

Who: Jason Foster, Horton Controls Group

Jason Foster has been involved in the lighting industry for over 20 years. He received his Bachelors of Fine Arts Degree from The University of Texas at Arlington in 1995 and his Masters of Fine Arts Degree in theatre lighting in 2000 from the University of Mississippi. Jason worked in theatre lighting for 5 years until becoming a lighting design consultant for what was at the time Acoustic Dimensions, now Idibri inc. a design consulting firm specializing in spaces of experiences. After ten years with Idibri, Jason joined Horton Controls Group in 2015 to become the North Texas Sales Rep for Electronic Theatre Controls (ETC).

When: February 16, 2016 at 1:00 PM EST