Association of Consultants for Liturgical Space BOARD MEETING CALL
July 19, 2021 – 3:00 PM EDT


In Attendance: Jim Hundt, Martin DeSapio, Will Brocious, Karen Schmidt, Shelley Kolman Smith, Johan van Parys, Greg Lewis, Marilyn Morgan, Gale Francione.

  1. APPROVE MINUTES FROM LAST MEETING –The minutes were approved.

a. MEMBERSHIP REPORT – Karen Schmidt – Jim received a request from an Italian firm about connecting with him in America. Jim suggested they connect with ACLS as an Allied member or as a sponsor. They have not yet formally applied.

JIM will re-contact them.
b. TREASURER’S REPORT – Martin De Sapio

The Financial Report was submitted with no questions.
MARTIN will check our year-to-date income & expenses to be sure we are on budget.

Marilyn is now the liaison with the Webinar Committee. Paul will be

host for the webinars. We will use Zoom when GoToWebinar package expires, approximately April 2022.

MARTIN will ask that Robert cancel the one in his name, and ACLS would maintain the other account that is under their name.

MARILYN will inform the Board when they will begin using Zoom for webinars, at which point Martin will add it to our account for the months it is used.

JIM will set up Newsletter, Webinar Committee, and Membership contacts to be listed on the website:


William sent out an initial survey about Oberamergau trip, via Survey

Monkey. The account has changed its setup and is causing difficulties. No human beings available to talk to. Jim suggested “Google Sheets” or a Google app. He has received 4 responses so far, all expressing interest. Waiting for Johannes in Europe. Jim Heck is leaving the committee, and they are searching for a new member.

WILL will check other options for the survey, including possibly “Mail Poet.”
WILL will meet with Cliff regarding the website, including the “subscribe” link on the


a. APPROVAL OF ACLS POLICIES & PROCEDURES– The Board discussed final

details and changes in the election calendar procedure.

Shelley moved to accept the changes as stated. Johan seconded. The board voted unanimously to accept the revised document.

b. VOTING FOR NEW BOARD MEMBERS – How can we do this without Survey Monkey? William will set it up for the standard vote, just before the survey, send an email reminder to members.

4. Old Board Members – Shelly will be leaving the Board after this meeting. The board thanked her for her service on the board. Greg will continue attending board meetings as necessary to assist coordinating the retreat.

Will will send an email to Jim with options in Survey Monkey.

  1. Oberammergau trip/update website discussed earlier in minutes.
  2. ACLS RETREAT THEME/LOCATION – Follow up with Greg & Karen

    JP II Letter to Artists – Possible ideas:

Discuss the letter with a facilitator (Johan?)

Meet in small groupings
Connect consultancy and the arts
Create art together
Bring art to be blessed in ritual
Set aside time to learn from each other
Discussing, reflecting on, sacred art, other similar documents. Membership interactions
Ritual interactions
Artist presentations and interactions
Learning about artistic media, the creative process


How does collaboration work? Or not? Liturgical design and process.
Karen offered a visit to her studio.

Dates…August 4-6,7 2022

Look at contract, cancellation policy of the venue Greg suggested. Thurs-Sat = $114 per night plus extra tours, events, afterwards

GREG will check on available dates.
KAREN will come next month.
GREG will continue to as an ad hoc member to assist coordination of the retreat.

c. ACLS Conference – tabled
d. Tutorials (PDF) or live session – tabled

1. Uploading images to portfolio
2. Make changes to my directory page
3. How to make the dashboard disappear 4. Creating a post
5. How to login


Respectfully submitted, Gale Francione

Association of Consultants for Liturgical Space NEXT BOARD MEETING CALL

Monday, August 16, 2021