Association of Consultants for Liturgical Space Meeting ACLS BOARD CALL

March 15, 2021 3:00 p.m. EDT


In Attendance: James Hundt, Karen Schmidt, Paul Barribeau, Greg Lewis, Will Brocious, Robert Habiger, Johan van Parys, Martin de Sapio, Gale Francione

  1. INTRODUCTION OF NEW TREASURER – Jim introduced Martin de Sapio, newly approved ACLS treasurer
  2. APPROVE MINUTES FROM LAST MEETING – Jim Approved as written.

a. TREASURER’S REPORT – Robert Habiger

  • –  Financial Reports – Robert reported a balance of $15,675.40on February 28, 2021.
  • –  Transition to new treasurer –
    Robert and Martin will set up a meeting to transfer treasury files, and answer any questions.

– Invoice sent to CJK Design?
Robert will double-check and let Jim know when it is sent.

Jim will talk to Cliff about CJK Design.
– Double payment by Heidi Emery of Conrad Schmidt Studios?

Jim will contact Robert separately.

– Corporate bank accounts/access –
-Separate corporate accounts and credit card need to be set up. A savings account for extra cash (accessible by the President), an operating account for monthly transactions (accessible by the Treasurer).
-A corporate credit card needs to be set up.


-An address for the Chase accounts. ACLS has a mailing address in Albuquerque (to be cancelled), a corporate address in Texas (managed by Shelley).

Robert, and Martin will meet with Chase bank to set these things up.

Robert also noted:
Some 2021 memberships were collected in 2020 and may affect next

year’s audit.
After the transition of treasurer to Martin, everything will be put on

Google Docs.
Paul will assist Martin with gaining access to Google Docs.

Jim offered many thanks to Robert for keeping the books, developing a working budget, and taking good care of the financial footing of ACLS. He has devoted many years of service to ACLS and worked patiently while finding a replacement. We wish him good health and good wishes. Jim will continue to be in touch with Robert.

b. MEMBERSHIP REPORT – Karen Schmidt
– Karen thanked the Board for making reminder phone calls to members. The two main reasons people didn’t renew was financial (taking a year off) or they forgot/thought they were still full members. It was suggested an earlier reminder note be sent in November, reinforcing how simple it is to renew.
-Karen will track members on a spread sheet to simplify the process. -Three new members were approved by the Board, Deanne Lenehan, Evan Wilson, and Mark Navarro. Congratulations!

Jim will send a letter of Welcome to the new members.

-In 2019, ACLS had 64 members, in 2020 51 members, in 2021, 52 members.
– There are 18 “expired” members of the 98 “users” on the site.

Jim will meet with Cliff to be sure the method of renewal on-line is smooth, then he will send a letter of renewal to these members and users.


  • –  The Committee has started the process of webinars for 2022.
  • –  Status of releases and videos for the public – Six are nowpublic on the ACLS YouTube channel. Nine more potential, with three more to be processed for publication. Discussion about what “tag lines” would help in searches, in promoting the channel, getting more traffic. There was some discussion of sending out a notice to our members directing them to the monthly webinars.

    Who will send this monthly notice was not determined. 2

– Trial webinar with Zoom – On Tuesday, March 16, the Webinar Committee will test Zoom Webinar. If it is proven to be a better platform, Paul will recommend ACLS move from GoToWebinar to Zoom at the next Board meeting. (Then all files must be downloaded from GoTo. An overlap was suggested in case there is a need to return. The treasurer will be informed when to cancel the subscription.


  • –  Recommendations to board for advertising – Greg developeda marketing plan for ACLS, Will describes it as a

    communications plan, since it is more information than sales.

  • –  Newsletter – Our newsletter is well formatted but limited inflexibility.
    Will will get an estimate from Cliff to draft a newsletter template that is more digitally flexible. (.pdf format, archival, searchable, on the website, etc.)

    Greg has another tool he will send to Will that may provide a template. -Suggestion from Carol Frenning (videos) – Tabled

a. Non-profit application to IRS – Jim – no word yet
b. Oberammergau trip – Will – on lockdown in Germany, difficult to get

Will will send out a Survey Monkey to gauge interest in another trip.

c. Retreat (online?) – If in person in 2022, the Board will need to identify the details early for those who set budgets in 2021.

d. ACLS Conference like the SWLC – Jim described this as an “aspirational” goal for ACLS

5. NEW BUSINESS: No new business to report.

Next ACLS BOARD CALL Monday, April 19, 2021 3:00 p.m. EDT