Association of Consultants for Liturgical Spaces Meeting ACLS BOARD CALL

November 17, 2020 3:00 p.m. EST

In Attendance: James Hundt, Shelly Kolman Smith, Robert Habiger, Karen Schmidt, Paul Barribeau, Greg Lewis, Johan van Parys, Gale Francione,
Not present: Will Brocious


  1. APPROVE MINUTES FROM LAST MEETING – After a brief discussion, with no corrections or additions, the minutes were approved. (Jim/Greg)

a. TREASURER’S REPORT – Robert Habiger reported revenue of $119.20

and expenses of $103.51. October beginning balance was $14,158.39; October ending balance was $14,174,08

There was discussion about replacing “Go To Webinar” with “Zoom.” Paul noted how it was more cumbersome than Zoom and more expensive. But it also offers registration and reminders to participants. Perhaps Zoom has an equivalent service? Johan noted that Zoom does have an upgrade available for webinars which can be subscribed to as needed on a month- to-month basis. Since the subscription ends in March, 2021,

TO DO: The Board will need to do some research to determine what we will use next year.

Robert noted that the PayPal account had a minor increase in its charges, but it doesn’t seem to be problematic for ACLS.

TO DO: ROBERT will continue to upload files to Google Docs.

b. MEMBERSHIP REPORT – Karen Schmidt said it was a “quiet month” with nothing to report.


c. WEBINAR COMMITTEE REPORT – Paul Barribeau had a lengthy discussion with the Committee whether we should charge for public offerings of the webinars. The general consensus was that a charge was recommended. Some reasons included:

  • –  A benefit to members, they get it free, others pay
  • –  Be a member and you get it free
  • –  Encourage people to become membersPaul disagreed for these reasons:
  • –  A logistical difficulty regarding charging, keeping track, etc.
  • –  Fundraising may not be possible the under the 501c6 status.
  • –  Could impact our taxes.
  • –  An opportunity to offer exposure of our site, our content,expertise.
  • –  Very few access the webinars now after they are edited andposted.

    Discussion followed (a one-time charge? See 2 or 3 free, then charge? Add an invitation to “Join ACLS” at the end of each webinar? Offer them free in a spirit of generosity to the larger church?) Paul is in the process of getting video releases from past speakers, but he has not asked them for charging for the videos. This would entail royalties and possible hesitation from speakers that we are charging for their content. Once packaged, our videos could be available on Vimeo or YouTube. Perhaps make a few available on YouTube (which will track their use for us), and see what happens.

    Jim Hundt suggested we needed input from the Communications Committee, since they are developing a strategy for advertising and this ties into their work.

    TO DO: JIM Hundt will contact the Communications Committee for their input.

    TO DO: PAUL will continue packaging the webinars and obtaining releases from presenters.

d. COMMUNICATIONS COMMITTEE REPORT – Jim Heck could not attend, but sent a report to Jim Hundt. Jim did receive the check for 501c6 and it’s on its way, with the application for non-profit status, to the IRS.

Insurance & Incorporation status – Jim Heck reported the bill for insurance would be $1500. Discussion over whether this was a necessary expense (20% of ACLS budget). Because liability insurance is most often needed for events, and ACLS isn’t currently holding events, and we could get insurance on an as-needed basis, we will not get this insurance.


TO DO: JIM Hundt will respond to Jim Heck. We will need more specific advice on our kind of association to determine if we really do need insurance.

To Jim Heck, a huge THANK YOU
for all his work for the corporation, as this concludes his tasks.

– Approval of updated bylaws – And, as reported in emails from Will, the updated bylaws have been approved.


a. ACLS Booth at SWLC – ACLS will get a free virtual booth for the work we’ve been doing for SWLC. Katie Bovitz has volunteered to coordinate this effort through the Communications Committee.

TO DO: Jim Hundt will contact Will so he can connect with Katie.

  1. Grant programs – Greg Lewis reported that under 501c6 we are limited in grantwriting, though we can solicit funders by “naming the vision” of ACLS. Our best chance at obtaining a grant would be for a project/event benefiting the larger community. Greg also mentioned his interest in the Rothko Chapel in Houston as something he’d like to investigate more.
  2. Corporate bank accounts/access – Robert reports that PayPal is “satisfied” with our accounts. He also reminded the Board that in January, an audit committee must be convened by the President.

TO DO: JIM Hundt will convene an Audit Committee to look over the finances of ACLS.

d. Link to Faith on View website – After some discussion, it was determined that the Board should inquire about linking ACLS with Faith on View (

TO DO: JIM Hundt will make the connection to get listed on their page in exchange for linking with ACLS.

a. Alberto’s resignation – Alberto Portello has resigned his position and

we are in search of a new treasurer. Robert is willing to remain for the time being, simply emailing his reports to the Board rather than attending meetings.


b. Change of PO Box address – We will keep the Albuquerque P.O. box, which must be renewed this month. Robert, will periodically check the box and forward any mail to the appropriate person.

NEXT MEETING MONDAY, DECEMBER 14 3:00 pm EST (The day BEFORE the Webinar) Respectfully Submitted, Gale Francione