Association of Consultants for Liturgical Spaces


IN Attendance: James Hundt, Robert Habiger, Gale

Francione, Johan Van Parys, Shelley Kolman Smith,

Karen Schmidt, James Heck,

Not present – Greg Lewis

August 19, 2020



Johan and Gale !

2. APPROVE MINUTES FROM LAST MEETING – Jim Hundt – motion to accept –

Karen, Johan 2nd


a. TREASURER’S REPORT – Robert Habiger

Oberammagua refunded see below, $30000 euros, LMI 93.00, refunds sent to members, end of

month balance – $17359.75

Yearly budget – Robert – we are right in line for our budget. Hundt will reach out to Alberto or

Jay to see if they would like to take over Treas.

b. MEMBERSHIP REPORT – Karen Schmidt – No new inquiries.

Hundt – someone was trying to apply online and having problems with the website. Cliff has

been consulted.

c. WEBINAR COMMITTEE REPORT – Paul Barribeau – working on filling 2021,

April 2021 – how the church is being affected and what have they done to resolve

issues? possible topic Pecha Kucha format for new members? still being

discussed. Karen – we should keep this to members, Hundt – once a year do an

hour where an artist has a section to present they’re work. Smith- could we link

the SWLC pecha kucha on our website.


– Insurance & incorporation status

– Revisions to corporate documents

• Add President elect?

Two years into process of incorporating – we are now a non profit corporation. Shelley will

resend to Heck – all signed documents need to be sent to Heck for attorneys. The accountant

needs a list of questions answered from Hundt. and Will and Heck. Heck will do a rough draft

and send to them. Robert will help with financial information. Heck will start investigating

insurance for the corporation now. Biggest liability is holding offsite meetings. Hundt – can

Robert use the information to apply for a company credit card? Robert – paypal needs

corporation documents. The new EIN number will work. Shelley will upload signed documents

and upload to google drive.

Bylaws – Heck – see attached – changes are highlighted in red. These will need to be sent to the

members to be approved. Vice President elect was discussed last time – term possibility –

see officers – the pres. elect (VP) could be picked from the board. paragraph 51 A – 53A – The

bylaws may not need to be revised to add a VP – Heck – could the board look at revisions and get

back to Hundt or Heck? Not adding Pres. Elect


a. ACLS Booth at conferences – $200 gets 9 months of exposure – could

communications committee work on actual exhibit. ? Robert – yearly we spend

about $150-200 budgeted – All in favor – unanimous

b. Grant programs – Greg Lewis – not present

c. 2021 SWLC (virtual) – see above

d. Central storage of ACLS documents – google drive – save old newsletters – Hundt

will scan Sr. Marilyn’s old newsletters and upload.

5. NEW BUSINESS: – Robert will send statements to upload.

Next meeting – Sept. 17, 2020 3 ET, 2 central time, Noon Pacific time, 1 Mountain time…

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