Association of Consultants for Liturgical Spaces

Meeting Minutes ACLS board meeting minutes

March 24, 2020

In attendance: Jim Hundt, Jim Heck, Will Brocious, Karen Schmidt, Greg

Lewis, Shelley Kolman Smith


1. APPROVE MINUTES FROM LAST MEETING – Jim – approved – correct

spelling for Valparaiso


a. TREASURER’S REPORT – Robert Habiger/2020 Budget

Month of feb $1742.51 member renewals through paypal. Expenses – log

me in, Valparaiso exhibitor fee, FDLC dues, bank service fee, $339.02

expenses. Leaves ending balance $22,168.70 at end of feb.

Budget – Robert increased the number of members slightly to – 12.5% drop

in membership. Target member no. 56. Google ads $600. Brochure printing

$1000. See report. We need one more member to balance. Google ad

words are a good starting point to advertise. Excess funds can be

discussed after the incorporation and perhaps on the agenda for the


Budget approval – Greg moved to approve, Heck 2nd All approve.

b. MEMBERSHIP REPORT – Karen Schmidt – Sarah Hempel was

approved last meeting and has paid. Katherine needs to be voted on and is

perfect for the new category of apprenticeship. Margaret Parker –

Russell – applied last month and has not sent in recommendations yet.

Peggy and Katherine – Robert moved to accept, Karen 2nd, all approve.

Karen will notify them. Could they be introduced in the next newsletter?

Shelley will reach out to them. Katie Hundt and Robert 2nd all approve.

Robert will send a header for a welcome letter, Hundt and Karen will work

together to create a template for the letter. /admin will get you to the

dashboard on the website and letters can be sent out that way. It keeps

copies, shows who open it, etc.

Membership renewals – not paid:

Karen, Robert and Heck, Hundt will call Ill call Deborah Bird before end of


– Margaret “Peggy” Adams Parker recommended for Allied Membership

– Katie Bovitz recommended for Associate Membership

– Member welcome letter?


Committee met yesterday to plan 2021 schedule. This is fully set.

LTP – no feedback from them yet. Public availability needs to be addressed.

– Recording availability of LTP-sponsored virtual workshops

d. NEWSLETTER REPORT- Shelley Smith – meeting minutes since July

2017 for website – need to include articles not used last time. Retreat info –

Greg Davis is working on that with Heck. Website mast head from Greg

Lewis – in a jpeg

-Trip to Rome – me

Hundt’s article

New members intro

Pres. letter

Retreat info –

Meeting minutes need to be added to website

Greg – article about remodel hospital chapels

e. COMMUNICATIONS REPORT – Jim Heck – Incorporation questions

Jim Heck – Chuck sent documents to be signed. Robert sent him a check

50% – Jim Hundt’s attorney says ACLS needs an attorney to do the

incorporation – we do not have non profit status, we are just an entity –

Hundt, an attorney may not be necessary – Robert – an accountant knows

the forms better – Heck – we may need insurance for coverage at meetings

– he will look into this. Incorporation is on hold.Robert – could you ask

Chuck to not cash the check until things are decided.

Website – Hundt – Announced to members on March 11 via email – 19%

clicked on link to site. Greg Davis had some portfolio issues, were fixed –

link to Facebook and Pinterest –

Chuck mentioned to add address to website. P.O. Box is official address.

Phone number may be important perhaps we can use a google voicemail.

The google mailbox forwards to Paul – The Dropbox needs to be attended

to. Hundt will look into it.

Robert – PayPal ID – needs to talk to web guy about that. Robert send a list

of who didn’t renew and he will talk to Cliff about that.

Oberammagau – no news on that .


Hundt will send Will info on how to post vote to website.

Can put that info in the President’s letter instead.

a. Bylaw Voting Results – Still need to be communicated to membership –


b. Oberammergau Trip – Update on refunds – Will

c. Website update – Jim

– Updated site has been up since after last meeting

– Updated site was announced to members on March 11, 2020 [66% of

members opened it, 19% clicked on link to site]

– One problem reported & fixed

– Links to facebook, LinkedIn & Pinterest added

– New mail plugin added (MailPoet)

– Training videos for posting & emailing complete

– Need to add contact info (address/phone)

d. ACLS Booth at conferences

– Materials – need to have more brochures printed. Status?

e. Moving forward with incorporation

f. Retreat (Greg Davis) – Sept. 10-13, 2020

– Marilyn suggested Brother Mickey McGrath as presenter

g. Grant programs – Greg Lewis

Brother Mickey McGraph – suggested by Marilyn to host our retreat – He’s

doing a weekend retreat in NY –

Heck – is waiting for Greg Davis to send an outline of the retreat. Karen

suggests artists meeting together in groups and having a discussion . Greg

Davis suggested artists show their work and discuss –

Will – graphics need to be sent to Greg to print. Robert could contact the

original printers. Will is to send brochure file to Greg to rebrand and then

send to Robert to print.

Greg has a list of grants to look into at the next month’s meeting.

Next Meeting – April 23rd Thursday –