April 16th Webinar: Robert Habiger — Accessibility: An Equivalent Experience

Join us on the 16th of April at 1 p.m. ET/ 12 p.m. CT and 10 a.m. PT. While it occurs during holy week, you might enjoy a brief break from the preparations of the week for our monthly webinar.

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Webinar Coordinator

Our Topic:
When discussing accessibility often the first thought is the building’s physical access. For places of worship and devotion not only is it a moral duty to physically accommodate all people, it is equally important to psychologically welcome all. Human experience is shaped by how a space is designed. Built of Living Stones contains four paragraphs that specifically address the issue of accessibility. A critical paragraph is 211 where it requests the “full integration of persons with disabilities into family, community, and Church, and to overcome the tendency to isolate, segregate and marginalized those with disabilities”. By invoking an “equivalent experience” we can more readily realize this stipulation of the Church. This webinar will explore the notion of equivalent experience, what it means in terms of designing a place of worship, and what it truly means to welcome all.

Our Presenter:
For over 40 years Robert’s professional focus has been religious architecture. Now semi-retired, he remains devoted to crafting exceptional places to worship. As architect and liturgical design consultant he has participated in the development of over 150 places of worship and devotion. His previous articles continue to provide insight into religious design, process and practice. Robert also has extensive experience in collaborative design, integration of art into the church-building and has designed numerous pieces of liturgy-specific furniture.

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