ACLS Oberammergau 2020 Tour 

ACLS Oberammergau 2020 Tour is a travel opportunity planned for its members by the ACLS Board.

The tour is built around the famous Oberammergau Passion Play which occurs every 10 years in the Bavarian village of Oberammergau, home of ACLS member Johannes Albl.

In addition to the Passion Play the tour will include the Bavarian capital of Munich, Salzburg known as the “Rome of the North” and then a rest day on your own in Innsbruck before going on to Oberammergau, as well as several significant historic, artistic and cultural sights along the way.

The tour dates are May 27 through June 6, 2020

In order to make the tour as affordable as possible the ACLS has kept the costs of the Tour at $2,725 double occupancy.

If you are going alone you can sign up with fellow ACLS members you are friends or acquainted with as roommates.

If you need help in finding another member to room with please let us know. We will provide a listing of those interested also seeking a roommate on the ACLS Oberammergau 2020 Tour Page under the Members Area on the ACLS website. It is up to the individual member to contact other members.

If by June 30th you are not able to connect with another member then you can, if you like, room with a non-member friend. Of course This is dependent on availability.



ACLS 2020 Oberammergau Tour



ACLS 2020 Tour Application

Complete Registration and Waiver & Release Form  then send via USPS or Email to:

ACLS Oberammergau 2020 Tour
c/o William Brocious, ACLS
950 Progress Street #302
Pittsburgh, PA 15212

[email protected]


Pay by Check:

Deposit:  $675.00

Intermediate Payment:  $1025.00

Final Payment:  $1025.00 

Make out to “ACLS” & mail to:

ACLS Oberammergau 2020 Tour
c/o Robert Habiger, ACLS Treasurer
2101 Valencia Dr NE
Albuquerque, NM 87110


Pay by PayPal:

Payment by PayPal will add $75 to total cost:

Deposit:  $675 + $20  =  $695.00

Intermediate Payment:  $1025 + $27.50  =  $1052.50

Final Payment:  $1025 + $27.50  =  $1052.50

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If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Tour please feel free to contact me at the Email or phone number below:

William E. Brocious, ACLS
950 Progress Street #302
Pittsburgh, PA 15212
412 654 5041
[email protected]