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February 2018 Webinar: “Creating Contemporary Mosaic Artwork for Liturgical and Commercial Spaces” by Cindy Kessler

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As a stained glass artist who has also worked in sculpture and mosaics, what unique properties of mosaics drew me to exploring that medium as well? What situations are best served by a mosaic design? Modern mosaics are much more varied than traditional styles like those found in the Roman or Byzantine traditions. What do you need to understand about the fabrication of mosaics to make for a good result? What are the substrate needs for a mosaic ceiling, wall or floor? Cost comparisons: Simple to complex designs, material choices, and installation options.

About the presenter:

Cindy Kessler has been a professional artist since 1980. Her college training was in ceramics, but she soon fell in love with glass. She works in stained glass, glass sculpture and mosaics. Cindy is recognized for her contemporary style, with designs that are fluid & dynamic, creating readily visible expressions of worship, beauty, and movement. Cindy is the principal designer and president of Kessler Studios, fabricating artwork for churches, hospitals, universities and businesses nationwide. She prides herself on being a careful listener and enjoys designing work that brings joy and beauty to a space.

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November 2017 Webinar: “Creating contemporary liturgical bronze sculpture – a typical, unique method” by Jordan Wanner

Liturgical sculpture surrounds us in Christian worship spaces. I have not yet been to a parish that does not have at least one piece of sculpture, be it a stone or wood carving, fiberglass or sometimes even cast bronze. What is the process and technique to create a 3-dimensional artwork and then cast it in bronze? What are the elements that make a figurative sculpture unique and dynamic, not just a statue? What should a parish community anticipate and ask for when commissioning a bronze sculpture and what should the sculptor require of their client? Learn about what is involved in the creation of a commissioned bronze sculpture, from the beginning consultations thru the bronze casting process, finishing and installation!

About the presenter:

Jordan Wanner is a sculptor and the owner of Wanner Sculpture Studio in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Jordan is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee School of Fine Arts class of 1998. He worked and collaborated with his father David Wanner, who was also a liturgical sculptor and the founder of what was Wanner Studios, in 1970. Jordan worked alongside his father until his passing earlier this year. Collectively, David and Jordan have worked on hundreds of projects across the United States and abroad. Jordan’s studio specializes in monumental cast bronze sculpture, cast bronze baptismal fonts as well as liturgical furnishings and fitments.

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October 2017 Webinar – “Art for Prayer” by Carol Frenning


The visual arts are connected in so many ways to our prayer life. Statues, windows, ritual objects…How do we make sense of it all?
• The earliest known Christian worship spaces have walls adorned with frescoes.
• The great variety of Marian images throughout the world gives testimony to the devotions and prayers of devout Christians.
• At Christmas children stare wide-eyed at the crèche in their parish church and the rest of the year puzzle at the pictures in the windows.
• Rosaries, vestments, icons and crucifixes are common to our visual memories and most are housed within our church walls.

Preparing spaces for the arts should be done in a thoughtful and considered way when we build or renovate our worship spaces. This webinar presents a framework for understanding the history, use and meaning of art in the life of the church at prayer.

About the presenter:

Carol Frenning is a liturgical design consultant who works with congregations throughout the country as they build or renovate their worship spaces. Trained as an art historian, her academic work is in the area of American religious architecture. She taught Sacred Architecture at the University of Saint Thomas and lectures at the University of Minnesota College of Architecture and Landscape Architecture. A graduate of the first class of the Institute for Liturgical Consultants at the Catholic Theological Union in Chicago, Carol serves as a founder and president for the Association of Consultants for Liturgical Space. She served as chair of the national advisory board for IFRAA-AIA and on the board of Faith and Form. She was on the national planning board for the Form/Reform conference. She served as the convener for the Visual Arts and the Liturgy Seminar of the North American Academy of Liturgy and past chair of the Society of Architectural Historians Minnesota and past chair of the Art and Environment Committee for the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis.

This webinar will be held on Tuesday, October 17 at 1:00 PM ET. Please register by clicking here.