Lent Journey

Riverview, New Brunswick

Completed: 2005


A series of five windows located on the wall adjacent to the Baptistry.

To emphasize the importance of its RCIA program, the parish requested designs illustrating the Sunday Gospels of Lent (year A). During this season catechumens negotiate the final stage of their journey to the center of their lives (to heaven.) The Gospels emphasize that this journey is towards enlightenment.

In mediaeval times the labyrinth was seen as a metaphor for the path to illumination. It was used as a substitute for a pilgrimage, symbolizing a journey to the center of our deepest self and back out into the world, with an enlightened understanding of who we are.

The windows are connected by the image of a labyrinth. Established as the theme in the first window, it reappears in some form in each of the others.

There is extensive sand-blasting in the 5 panels, and the glass is primarily antique flash. For extra support Zinc cames are used instead of lead.

Project Team:

Community of Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish
Design - Rob Macdonnell
Fabrication - Studio du Verre