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November 2017 Webinar – Collaborative Art: Tapping into the Wisdom of the Faith Community

In this presentation, architects, liturgical consultants and artists will learn about a collaborative process of theological reflection which they can use with their clients to discern meaningful images for the creation of Sacred and Liturgical art. Participants will engage in a brief example of the process. Using stories and illustrations the presenter will also communicate the benefits of community created art, its various forms and uses, and suggest the value of including rigging systems in new and remodeled building projects.

Learning Objectives:
1. To learn about a collaborative method of Liturgical art planning that draws meaningful images and themes from the members of a faith community.
2. To explore various applications of liturgical art, both permanent and temporary, their various challenges, and instances when architects and consultants might want to suggest one or both to their clients.
3. To encourage architects to include rigging systems in new construction or remodeling projects.
4. To make note of my service of creating custom programs for use with faith communities, as well as my availability to facilitate them.

About the presenter: Susan Francesconi holds a M.A in Pastoral Theology and a B.A. in Fine Arts. In addition to writing and maintaining, the website resource devoted to liturgical art, she blogs about discipleship and Scripture at Her writing has been published in Faith & Form magazine and the National Catholic Reporter. Susan recently celebrated 32 years of marriage and is the proud mother of two right-brained, adult daughters, and one adorable rescue pup. It is Susan’s belief that the level of engagement of the people in the pews is the truest measurement of a church’s beauty.

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September 2017 Webinar – LIGHT: Making the Immaterial Material in the Sacred Realm

Light is the single most powerful connection we have to the universe. Light not only brings life and warmth, but it also enables us to perceive the eccentric rolling of our planet. The profound use of daylight is possibly the most potent tool one has when designing a sacred space. Light is the key element of both the immaterial and material realm that helps one to capture a sense of the eternal in the built realm.

Through carefully looking at several seminal works of architecture, we will examine the critical role of daylight: how daylight is employed, the benefits and challenges of creating more light-sensitive architecture and why the use of light in each project is profound.

Learning objectives:
1. Define the aesthetic, environmental and psychological impacts of incorporating daylight into modern works of architecture.
2. Discuss and become familiar with powerful light-employing strategies from several seminal projects.
3. Analyze opportunities for incorporating daylight using powerful and memorable methods in new and adapted projects.
4. Confidently share with clients and users the positive and profound impact of incorporating daylight into architecture.

About the presenter:

Jack DeBartolo 3 FAIA is principal and design leader of debartolo architects, an award-winning, critical architectural practice based in Phoenix, AZ. DeBartolo holds degrees from The University of Arizona and MIT, where he received honors for his thesis focusing on the phenomenological qualities of light in the design of an urban sanctuary. In 1996, DeBartolo and father formed the studio of debartolo architects, where for over a decade they collaborated in making ‘significant’ architecture focused on the innovative use of common materials with simplicity and restraint. Now entering their twenty-first year of practice, working on several churches, private houses, adaptive reuse projects and several creative office spaces, the studio continues to gain national attention for the work.

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Balancing sight & sound in heritage worship buildings – Dan Clayton

Dan Clayton of Clayton Acoustics Group discusses the acoustician’s dilemma: “what we see may not be what we hear,” as acquired acoustical expectations are upended by actual conditions. This webinar describes these differences and explore approaches to acoustical enhancement within limitations of the buildings themselves plus further constraints of contemporary preservation practice.